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If you are looking for Mac repair in London or an upgrade for your Mac then look no further. iBroken offers fast turnaround service on repairing your Mac and all at an affordable price. With iBroken’ positive reviews, you can be sure that the servicing of your Mac will be met and your satisfaction guaranteed.

Apple Mac computers are renowned for their reliability but at some point electronic hardware can fail and that’s the area we specialize in. Faults can vary from hard drive failures, optical drive failures, logic board failures, damages from water or other liquids to name a few. Regardless, we provide free assessment of your Mac computer before conducting any repairs.

  • Macbook Screen Repair: We can replace your damaged screen with a brand new screen.

  • Faulty Hard Drives: We can perform data recovery on inaccessible drives and replace them.

  • Optical Drives: We can upgrade your old optical drives with the new Super Drive.

  • Cracked Casing: Replace your old and cracked Macbook casing with a new one.

  • Logic Boards: We can repair your faulty logic boards by replacing key components or replace the entire board.

  • Liquid Damage: Spilled water on your mac product? Dont worry. Bring it in for a free evaluation and can tell you what is wrong with your water damaged macbook.


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