Does your phone need a fix? Phone repair can save you almost 75% cost of the new cell phone. Get the most comprehensive, competitive and quick phone repair services in Upminster, Essex with iBroken. We do it Professionally!

Tablets are for Relieve! Get your crashed/broken tablet repaired in no time with iBroken. Tablet repair can save you up to 60 to 70% cost of new tablet. iBroken offers you highly reliable, affordable tablet repairing services in Upminster, Essex.

Quick and simple Macbook repair from iBroken. Get your all MacBook, Mac Mini’s, Mac Pros and Mac Air repaired and replaced from a experienced and highly trained technician.  Customers have tried our hassle-free quality MacBook repair services with complete satisfaction.

Looking for some professional help for laptop repair? We can get you most reliable laptop repair for all hardware/software damages. We offer affordable services for all laptops with complete guarantee. All our repair are covered under 180 days of warranty. all makes and models including  Apple, and Windows.

Game Console Repair

We believe a broken gaming device doesn’t have to mean game over! Our technicians can examine your game console, identify the issue, and quickly resolve the problem. We perform affordable repairs on consoles by Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo so that you can get back to gaming, fast!

iPod Repairs

Music is in the air or is it? We have expert technicians Get your iPod fix in no time! No matter what damage/broke has incurred to your iPod, iBroken offer quick, reliable and affordable iPod repairing services in Upminster, Essex so nothing comes between you and your passion!


Want to use new network on your phone? It’s hard to buy a new phone to switch network, isn’t it? No worries! We can unlock any phone for you, so you can use whatever network service you like. It’s safe, reliable and affordable. Unlock your wish – It’s your life, take the power!

Data Recovery

Because memories are precious! Most people are frightened of losing their precious personal and official data on phones. iBroken offers a reliable, quick and secure data recovery services in Upminster, Essex. Get all your phone data recovered without any hassle.

Software Solution

Whether you need windows installation, iOS installation or android; our highly trained software technicians can help you repair or update.

Now get the latest Android software version updated on your phone with iBroken.

Other Services Liquids

We do not take responsibility for any progression in damage for devices that have been damaged by liquid. Although unlikely, opening the device in such a circumstance could initiate further damage, which in some cases may be very serious and/or irreparable. After Services have been provided on a liquid-damaged device, it is your responsibility to monitor the device for additional damage, which may be beyond our control. If issues arise, please contact us and we can reassess the damage, although you agree that further Services may be subject to additional costs.


Any data or information that you may have stored on the Device shall remain your sole responsibility and we accept no liability for loss, recovery, compromise or corruption of such data whatsoever caused. We therefore highly recommend that you back up the Device prior to the Services. If requested, we can back-up the information on the Device prior to providing the Services.

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