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We know how much you love and enjoy your tablet– its large screen makes viewing easier and more convenient, it is extremely portable and easy to carry and it makes it easy to view and share whatever you are reading, streaming or watching with the people around you. However, no matter how well we take good care of these gadgets, sometimes something just goes wrong but worry not as we are here to help.

Whether accidental or physical damage like a drop that caused a crack on the screen, damage on the case, or any other parts, we can help you fix your iPad and we have been doing that for years. In fact, we are Upminsters most trusted repair centre when it comes to Apple repairs. Not only do we get the job done but we do it quick and with utmost precision, not to mention the courtesy of our staff that our customers love.


Our expertise goes beyond repairs as we expertly provide genuine customer service to customer who have issues with their iPads, whether there is obvious damage or not. Drop by our store and we’ll provide you a free estimate and expert advice on how to fix and take good care of your iPads. So if you know something isn’t right with your iPad, don’t hesitate to check with us and we’ll help you find out what’s wrong and help you get it fixed with the price and service that is the best in the region.

And if the service quality and price isn’t enough to convince you of why we are the best, you may ask our happy customers of why they keep on coming for all their Apple repair needs. We guarantee the quality of our repair service and are confident of our tech’s extensive experience that shows on their quality of work –  the kind of service that can only come from the expert. However, workmanship could only do as much so we make it a point to get the parts and materials that matches our service quality. This all adds up to a repaired unit that works exactly how it works before.

So should you need expert service for your iPad, come and visit us today. We will take care of your iPad as much as you do and you can be confident that we got all your iPad repair needs covered.


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